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From Ed’s Guest Blogger: 5 Chic Ways to Stay Organized

By Kelsey Nguyen

The number one secret to productivity? Staying organized. From jotting down coffee orders to finalizing Monday’s to-do list, planners and productivity apps are key for both aspiring and current editors. Whether you prefer physically writing on paper or typing away on your phone, here are five ways to up your organization game in style. Just don’t forget to bask in the satisfaction of finally crossing off that item on your to-do list!

For The Minimalist Planner

Julia Kostreva Planner
Are you guilty of all-black ensembles and consider white as branching out to “color”? Keep coordinated with this minimal colorblock planner—it’ll match your wardrobe perfectly while adding a modern and clean touch to your desk.

Get it: Gold Foil Any-Year Daily Planner, $32 at

For The Insta-Worthy Planner

Bando Planner
This chic planner speaks for itself. With laminated color-coded tabs, perforated sticker pages, and yes, even a coloring page in the back, scheduling your 9 to 5 has never been so entertaining or photogenic. Snap away!

Get it: I Am Very Busy Planner, $32 at

For The Eye Candy Planner

Mochi Things Planner
If you want variety when it comes to your planner aesthetic, then look no further. From cactus to stripes and palm trees, there is bound to be a striking pattern for every taste. Bonus: this planner also comes with a pen holder and the covers can easily store receipts, bills, and beyond.

Get it: Pattern A6 Monthly Planner, $8 at

For The Virtual To-Do List

Prefer not to carry a notebook on the go? Wunderlist allows you to handily create, organize, and share lists right on your phone. Sync the app to your desktop and you can also manage your lists straight from your computer.

Get it: Wunderlist, available for OS, Android, and desktop

For Writing, Organizing, And Everything In Between

Notetaking is inevitably part of the editor life, but when you want to give that pen a rest, let Evernote do all the work. This workspace allows you to not only write everything from short lists to detailed stories, but you can also collaborate with other users and effortlessly transform written pieces to presentable slideshows.

Get it: Evernote, available for OS, Android, and desktop

Kelsey Nguyen is a freelance writer and style and travel blogger behind Runaway In LA. She slaves over schoolwork by day and dreams in Instagram filters by night. With her heart in California and mind in New York, she aspires to one day work as magazine editor slash vagabond blogger. Follow her on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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