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From Ed’s Guest Blogger: What to Wear When Your Office’s AC is Cranked Up All Summer

By Audree López

Although it may be officially summer, I’ve never met an office temperature that approved of my sundresses and bare arms—I always have my leather jacket on the back of my chair to throw over my shoulders, or a blanket to cocoon myself in while sitting at my desk. Seriously, why are offices so cold in the summer?! My best tips and tricks for keeping warm in a cold office are learning to wear light, manageable layers—but not in a fall or winter way—so you can still show some skin and wear some color.

I’ve broken it into four simple categories: shirt, blazer, sweater, and jacket. You can mix and match, and dress up or dress down any item. Let’s go shopping!

The Shirt
Denim: A denim shirt is one of the most versatile pieces in my closet. I love changing it up for summer with a flirty skirt or printed dress pants, or by wearing it opened over a sundress. This top is also great because you can roll the sleeves up or down depending on your office’s temperature.

Cold-Shoulder and Off-the-Shoulder: Luckily in the editorial industry, the dress code is fairly casual. These two styles have longer sleeves on the arms (to keep semi-warm) but still keep meet summer trends with the necklines and cutouts. They’re great for a casual Friday or if you have a fun event after work.

Classic White Button-Down: This shirt, just like the denim one, is a wardrobe superstar. You can pair it with so many things, and having the option to roll the sleeves is key for a cold office. Also, since most white button-downs are a cotton blend, they are still lightweight enough to wear during the summer or under a light jacket.

Silk: If you want a more professional top but not the heavy layers, opt for a silk blouse. It still has the coverage of a long-sleeve, but is light enough that your morning commute won’t be a sweaty mess.


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The Blazer
You can’t go wrong with a blazer—it dresses up any outfit and adds the perfect coverage for a cold office. I love mixing it up with longer boyfriend styles, white for summer, or a fun floral print.


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The Sweater
A sweater is a great piece to have on hand at your desk during the summer. From a loose sweater to a printed cardigan, these are easy to throw on at your desk. Be sure to buy a neutral color to match all of your outfits.


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The Jacket
Trench: If you live somewhere like NYC or Portland, where it rains a decent amount during the summer, you’ll want to choose a jacket that is lightweight. A long trench will keep you dry but not overheated.

Utility, Leather, and Bomber: These three jackets are your secret weapons for a creative office. They are super trendy but will also keep you warm. It’s like you didn’t even plan on being dressed so cool!

Jean: A jean jacket is great for summer because it’s casual, you can wear it with a fun summer dress, and it’s light enough for those in-between temperatures.


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I hope you enjoyed shopping with me and make sure to check out my blog, Simply Audree Kate for more outfit inspiration!

Audree López is a freelance fashion stylist and founder of Simply Audree Kate. She loves thrift shopping, lipstick, and food. Follow her on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

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