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Magazine-Heroine Movies to Binge Watch This Winter

Bone-chilling temps and snow got you feeling more Netflix and Chill than ever? Ed’s sharing his list of favorite movies (which of course, are all about mag-life). Not only are these flicks super relatable, but the way these characteres handle their at-work situations is admirable. They might inspire you to come to work Monday morning feeling more motivated. So, order Seamless, curl up on your couch (or futon) and start binge-watching.

The Devil Wears Prada
The clothes, the clacking sound of heels marching into a room, and the hectic magazine culture will will make any freelancer miss the office life. Also, what other EA can snag the 7th Harry Potter Book before it was published? Andy Sacks, that’s who. #EAGoals
Devil Wears Prada






Confessions of a Shopaholic

Becky Bloomwood really had a gift for thinking outside the box. I mean, her inspiration for the “Girl in the Green Scarf” column was based on her obsession with shopping! Using her interests outside her job to create a unique, fresh spin on boring financial topics—now that’s journalism in it’s finest. I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely trying this out when my next edit test rolls around!

Conf of Shopaholic







The September Issue
Dying to know what it’s like to work at Vogue? This documentary follows Anna Wintour and her team as they put together Vogue’s highly-anticipated September issue. (Which, by the way, weighs four pounds.) Watching how Anna uses her quick decision-making skills while juggling multiple projects are some of the reasons every editor-in-chief-in-the-making should pick up the film—for “research”, of course.

Sept issue










13 Going on 30

The film that made every middle schooler vie for a magazine job, after Jenna crushed her presentation for the Poise redesign meeting. It also has us all hoping that someone breaks out dancing to “Thriller” at the next company shindig.

13 30









How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
Andie Anderson pitches “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days,” and is all of a sudden at wits when she falls in love with the guy she’s used for her social experiment. She nails two things here: 1. How to put her feelings aside and write a good story, and 2. that a good writer can write about anything.

10 days







Sex and the City

Nowadays, we might roll our eyes if anyone compares us to Carrie Bradshaw, but back in the day, that’s all we wanted. From the shoes to the sexy brunch discussions to Carrie’s deep-provoking thoughts about relationships, it’s a series and movie that will hold a special place in every editor’s heart. And even though having a spacious apartment with a walk-in closet is totally unrealistic, Carrie inspired us to dream big.

sex and the city












Ugly Betty
While this is a television series rather than a flick, by Ed’s math, two hour-long episodes = the length of a movie—so he included it in this list anyway. Sure, Betty looked like she didn’t know a thing about fashion when she scored the assistant to the editor-in-chief job at the ultra chic, Mode Magazine. But despite feeling like a black sleep, she persevered through every task, and even outsmarted Wilhemina Slater and her outrageous schemes to take over the magazine. And since the showed aired for four fabulous seasons, there’ll plenty more magazine-heroine watching left over for next weekend, too.

Ugly Betty

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