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From Ed’s Guest Blogger: Simple Ways To Find Cubicle Zen

By Kelsey Nguyen

Deadlines are fast approaching. Inboxes are drowning in emails. Coffee has, tragically, been consumed. Goodbye sanity. Hello stress. While it’s easy to drown in the 9-5 grind, it’s also important to carve out necessary “me” time. But how is one supposed to find peace amidst the corporate chaos, anyway? First, take a deep breath. Then, read our foolproof ways to channel serenity from the comforts of your own cubicle.

Get Scentual

This one is a no-brainer: burning candles equals instant tranquility. Not only will your desk area smell like paradise, but you’ll feel right at home while tackling articles and to-do lists. Need an extra boost? Look for candles with cinnamon, citrus, or vanilla notes that will enhance your workflow.

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Ohm It

Time to get those joints moving and the blood flowing. If you’re feeling restless, dabble in some stealthy yoga stretches that will leave you feeling energized and new again—without even leaving your chair. has a handy guide to desk yoga that anyone can do, like stretching your arms to the sky or putting your ankle on the opposite knee. No equipment or gym clothes necessary.

Rock Out

Style and substance? Count me in. Add a healing crystal (or two) to your desk and soak up all the wondrous benefits. Amethyst is known to relieve headaches, while abalone calms nerves. Do your research and see which crystal best fits you and your lifestyle. Bonus: your workspace will look extra Insta-worthy.

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Tune In

Personally, I swear by this trick: a soothing playlist and my trusty headphones are all I need when I’m having an off-day. Consider crafting your own zen playlist or head over to 8tracks, where you can cruise through endless tunes by mood or artist. My favorites are jazz, bossa nova, and ‘60s French pop. Groove to your heart’s desire and let go of all that stress.

Save Face
When in doubt, just spritz. Invest in a facial spray that you can keep at arm’s reach when you need that beauty pick-me-up. There’s truly nothing more refreshing than a good ‘ol mist, after all. It’s like a trip to the spa, minus the actual trip.

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Kelsey Nguyen is a freelance writer and style and travel blogger behind Runaway In LA. She slaves over schoolwork by day and dreams in Instagram filters by night. With her heart in California and mind in New York, she aspires to one day work as magazine editor slash vagabond blogger. Follow her on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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