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The 10 Novels and Podcasts to get Magazine Lovers Through Quarantine

By Emily Weaver 

In case you’ve already made your way through my movies and TV shows recommendations list, I’ve got more magazine-centric media to keep you busy. Every novel on this list includes at least one character who works in magazines — and every podcast focuses on the industry in that insider way that only mag heads can totally get. 

I know that there are tons more where this came from, so please slide into my DM’s and tell me your favorite book or podcast that is set in magazine land, and I’ll add it to this list for everyone to enjoy. (Btw, I tried to include links other than Amazon here to support other booksellers at this time, but most of these titles are on Amazon as well.)

I hope they bring you joy during these uncertain times!


Novels for Magazine Lovers 

The Knockoff 

By Lucy Sykes, former Marie Claire editor, and Jo Piazza, former editor at In Touch and Life & Style

Imogen Tate is the EIC of Glossy magazine. She’s at the peak of her career and one of the most beloved gurus within the fashion and editorial industry. But when her former EA returns from business school with a plan to hatch Glossy as a digital empire and become the new EIC, Imogen is in trouble. Did I mention Imogen is reluctant to jump on the social media bandwagon and doesn’t know the difference between Instagram and LinkedIn? You’ll laugh along as she gets the hang of of hashtags and selfies. 

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The Wedding Writer

By Susan Schneider, former editor at Bridal Guide.

Within 24 hours, the bridal magazine industry has crumbled to shambles and Lucky Quinn finds herself in the middle of it all. Your Wedding’s magazine is now the only standing bridal mag, as its two competitors have folded, and EIC Grace Ralston, who has been there since the start, is fired. The Wedding Writer follows Lucy, the new EIC, Felice, an art director, Sarah, the fashion director, and former EIC, Grace as they navigate this new type of normal.

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According to a Source

By Abby Stern, freelance celebrity reporter

Ella Warren is an undercover writer for The Life, a celeb entertainment magazine, who spends her evenings attending everything red carpet. Ella’s relationships with her family and friends and public figures she’s grown close to, are quickly put at risk when her editor creates a competition among the writers concerning an exclusive piece.

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Park Avenue Summer 

By Renée Rosen

Alice Weiss, an aspiring photographer in the 1960s, is the poster child for “small town girl, big city dreams.” After moving from her small Midwest town to the Big Apple, Alice secures a job under Helen Gurley Brown, Cosmopolitan magazine’s first female EIC. While Alice admires her new boss, not everyone feels the same, especially certain coworkers who are scheming to get rid of HGB! (Of course we all know that doesn’t happen …. at least for another 30 years.)

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Luckiest Girl Alive 

By Jessica Knoll, former Cosmopolitan editor

Ani Fanelli has it all: a high-profile editing gig at a well-known magazine, an upcoming wedding, and a gorgeous NYC apartment. But after she comes clean about her past while participating in a documentary, it doesn’t seem like Ani’s life is as perfect as it looks on paper. 

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Pretty in Ink

By Lindsay Palmer, former SELF editor  

A former EIC gets the boot and her new sleek replacement is shaking things up in the office—an all too familiar feeling for a lot of mag whippersnappers. A photo editor, an Ivy League intern, and an obsequious new assistant all share their deepest, sexiest secrets to save the Hers magazine brand (and their careers). But will it be enough?


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Sociable: A Novel 

By Rebecca Harrington, writer for New York, Elle, and others.

Elinor Tomlinson is your average aspiring writer. She has yet to achieve real success even though she did everything right: graduated with a journalism degree at the top of her class, attends the right networking events, and is dating the son of one of the most well-respected writers in the magazine biz. But when she finally lands a job at, a digi startup, she quickly realizes it’s not as glamorous as she made it up to be in her head.

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Podcasts For Magazine Lovers 

“Under the Covers With Claire Connors”

Join celeb cover booker Claire Connors (Shape, Seventeen, Glamour) as she dishes on how covers were made in the glory days of magazines. From designers to photo editors and stylists to media insiders, Claire offers dishy, behind-the-scenes stories of how our favorite (and not so favorite) celebrities behaved on set, the wackiness of working with publicists, and much more.  


Listen to Under the Covers With Claire Connors. 

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“After Magazines” 

Former Billboard and Entertainment Weekly editor Mike Bruno  interviews former magazine editors who have transitioned from traditional media to careers in branded content, content marketing, and beyond. The podcast is less dishy than it is practical, providing real-life advice for those looking to pivot from print. Inspired by the After Magazine Facebook group, launched by Chandra Turner and Jillian Mackenzie, the first season begins with an interview with Turner (before she launched Talent Fairy!).  AM is currently on a hiatus, but subscribe now so you’re the first to know when a new episode drops.

Listen to After Magazines With Mike Bruno. 

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This laid back, conversational podcast  only has four episodes, but we couldn’t not include it. Ben Margarita, a former creative director at Shape and Fitness, explores how some of the most iconic magazine brands like Seventeen, Glamour, and Shape came to be. Our fingers are crossed for new episodes soon!

Listen to Unglossed With Ben Margarita. 

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Emily Weaver is a freelance writer and POPSUGAR contributor where she writes about all the things ranging from entertainment and relationships to home and living and mental health. She graduated from the University of Iowa where she studied Journalism & Mass Communication and Sport Studies. Her writing has been featured on Grandstand Central, Spoon University, Iowa Journalist and more. Follow her: Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn


This article included excerpts from another Ed2010 article about the best magazine books.

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