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15 Reasons Why Hunting For a Media Job is Just Like Dating

By Bianca Mendez

Ever notice how job hunting is so similar to dating? Like finding someone to spend the rest of your life with, it’s just as hard finding good people to do the job. And, just as frustrating searching for both. On one end you’re sifting through all the vague/false information listed on dating apps, to find at least one decent candidate, and on the other you’re spilling your heart and soul begging for a job.

If you don’t believe me, then read below.

1. You spend hours, maybe even days job searching for the perfect that matches your set of skills.


Responsibilities: manage social platforms, write, edit and produce 20 pieces of content per week, establish relationships with freelancers. Sounds great. Requirements: four years top editing articles. Ugh, next.

2. Finally you find the perfect match.. er job, now you have woo them with your talents.


An opening line on a cover letter is just as important as one when you match up. It’s got to be cool, not boring. “Hey what’s up” is equivalent to “I am here to apply to TK position.” So, nope, gonna work.

3. After days of constantly stalking your inbox, you finally get an email saying he’s–they’re interested and want to meet.


Hi there, I’d love to schedule an interview with you for sometime next week, when’s your availability?

4. You’re thrilled for this big date, I mean interview. Now what are you going to wear?



It’s got to be casual, but not too casual. Sexy, but not too sexy.

5. You arrive promptly all happy and giddy thinking that this is the job. You’re already envisioning yourself commuting to the office, brainstorming story ideas and video content, and if may seem forward, your promotion.


In fact you’re so thrilled about the prospects of this job that you’ve actually told your friends. After all, this might be the happily ever after you.

6. Until you learn that they can’t match your previous salary. Which is a major buzzkill.


Needless to say, it’s not going to work out,

7. So you keep searching and searching until you find another position that gets you all excited. 


8. Some will seem promising, until you apply and never hear back from them. Or get a really creepy message.


Umm no.

9. Others will be ok, good positions, but there are better.


10. But once you’ve been several months at it, you start to feel that the whole job search process is hopeless and that you’re going to be unemployed forever and ever.


Forever single.

11. Until you apply and get called in for an interview at an even more amazing job.


This is totally the one, I feel it.

12. And totally hit it off the first time around.


You love Game of Thrones? So do I!

13. After weeks of flirting, edit tests, and negotiating your deal breakers, your dream job make you an office.


Yes, yes, YES!

14. As just as you imagined, it’s magical. Your job is absolutely perfect. 


And totally worth the wait.

15. Until three years later when you fall out of love and decide you want to break up.  The cycle continues.


*Downloads every dating app.*

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