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Trying to find your first “real job” in media? You’ve come to the right place! For more than 20 years, Ed2010 has helped countless recent grads find their footing in the very competitive industry. Feeling stuck? If you are getting little or no response to your cover letters and no call backs after interviews or edit tests, consider 1:1 coaching. Chandra Turner, Ed’s founder and CEO will help you land that first job and start on a career path you will love. See all services and programs below.

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Special Virtual Class 

Ace Your Edit Test!

Feel like you’re always the runner up, but never get the offer?  You need to up your edit test game!

Ed’s here to help. Sign up for our insanely popular Ace Your Edit Test class. We’ve helped countless editors master this tricky part of the hiring process so you can finally stop pulling all-nighters that don’t result in a paycheck! Class is being offered online (anyone with an internet connection can join) on October 22 and 24 at 7:30 p.m., EST. Read more here.


Package #1: Your First “Real” Resume Makeover  

Was the last person who advised you on your resume your college career counselor? Unless you were lucky enough to have a fo
rmer media executive as a counselor, your resume likely needs a re-think. The media industry has its own preferences for how experience is formatted and how your skills are highlighted with a special emphasis on showcasing your niche and creativity. I will help you makeover your resume so it speaks the language of the editors you’ll be applying to work for. This package includes a full resume optimization review (I use a tool that ensures that the bots “get” you and your experience), detailed notes from me on how to enhance your experience and skills for potential employers, and a dos and do’s guide to resume writing. I’ll also provide an easy-to-implement design template so you can present your experience in a format that is hiring-manager friendly. //$150 for college graduates less than 24 months out of school.

“The best advice I have received yet for my resume.”

“Thank you so much, I have trouble when I feel lost for directions, but your notes were so great it cleared up my mind.”

“Wow! Thank you so much. This is very helpful.”

Package #2: Your First Media Job Search Coach

My coaching services are specifically tailored to your talents and passion so you can land in a first job that will set you on the right path for the rest of your career. With this starter package, I will help you articulate your skills and talents and define your career direction so you are focused and efficient in your job search and a stronger candidate for employers, inside and outside of media. This package includes 3 hours of work together and followups via email. // $249 for college graduates less than 24 months out of school.

“The hard fact is there is nothing more brutal than the New York media scene. Chandra helped me, and countless others, edit resumes and find dream jobs. She inspired and coached us when all we had was a dream. All of us wouldn’t be where we are if it wasn’t for her—and we’re forever grateful.” — A.J.B, content strategist

“Chandra is the no-BS talent fairy. She has a knack for identifying your strengths and weaknesses within the first hour of meeting you and giving honest feedback. More importantly, she takes the time to listen to your concerns and needs and she won’t send you on a career path without offering helpful insight and resources.” — H.D., writer

“Chandra’s an expert coach with contagious enthusiasm whose work on my resume helped clarify my background and my goals, and whose edit on a cover letter I’m convinced got me an interview.” — R.B., editor

Read more testimonials.

Ala Carte: Mix & Match

Let’s create a package that works best for you. I can combine any of the below services to give you exactly what you need to feel confident in your job search and career path.

My rates for recent grads (less than 24 months out of school) are as follows: RESUMES  /$100 (excludes optimization and design template; see package #1 above) COVER LETTERS & PERSONAL BRAND MESSAGING  I’ll work with you to make anything you say about yourself hit the right note with potential employers, such as a cover letter, LinkedIn profile graph, proposal, edit test, etc. / $100/hr 1:1 COACHING I can help you  with defining (or redefining) your career direction, interviewing skills, personal brand messaging, and more. $100/hr. For coaching, I recommend a 3 hour minimum so we have time to dive in and make a real impact. Email to get started.

Hi there! Thanks for making it all the way to the end of this loooong page. Basically all of this is to say, that I will use all the skills I’ve learned in my 20+ years working in the media industry (in print magazines, digital journalism, branded content, and content marketing) and the same number of years coaching whippersnappers just like you, to help land your first job in this crazy but awesome industry. Looking forward to connecting and helping you find a job, and a career, you love.

xoxo, Chandra

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