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New Year, New Ed2010! Whaddya Think, Whippersnappers?

If you haven’t noticed, whippersnappers, Ed has been busy the last few months. He’s been tinkering with his website to make it fresher and more fun after many years of being stuck in a rut.

The new Ed2010 is about your whole life as a young editor living in the big city. Just check out the new tagline at the top of the page: Living the Editor Life. If you remember, it used to say Destination: Your Dream Magazine Job. Ed still wants you to reach your dream job, of course. But now he wants to help you do it in style. So he’ll be covering not just where to find magazine media jobs and how much editors make and giving you resume advice and mentoring opportunities like as he always has, but he’ll be writing about all kinds of other fun lifestyley stuff too, like how to dress for your Conde Nast interview on the cheap, where to go for cocktails to bump into other editors, and even dating and relationships from an editor’s POV.

Also starting this week, we will be showcasing bloggers Ed loves who write about all these topics and more. At the bottom of the home page each week, we’ll feature a guest blogger like Lindsay Tigar of The Love Addict, Gaby and Ariana Levy of Twin Separable, Devon Abelman of #BeautyBlessed, just to name a few. We’re excited to introduce them to you; maybe you’ll find a new favorite blog!

Btw: Do you want to blog for Ed? Email [email protected]

And of course we are dying to know what you think about the new site. What stories do you want Ed to cover? Share your thoughts with us on social (links below).

Here’s to 2016!


The Ed staff

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