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Associate Editor for DRAFT Magazine

Job Category: Full-time staff

Publication Type: Print Magazine, Content Website

Publication Name: DRAFT Magazine

Location: Phoenix, AZ

Job Description: DRAFT Magazine and is seeking an Associate Editor, a position with intense writing and researching responsibilities. The right candidate will have a culinary/beer and journalism background, and, ultimately, an extraordinary desire to be an authoritative voice on the subject of beer. This is a fast-paced, deadline-oriented position, with the highest expectations of editorial writing, beer knowledge and beer industry passion. 
* Formal journalism experience (preferably consumer magazine editorial) required
* Bachelor’s degree required; concentration in journalism or related fields preferred.
* Ability to research and write clean, engaging stories that are both forward-thinking and on-trend

Job Application Contact Name: Erika Rietz

Job Application Contact Email: [email protected]

Date Submitted: 2014-10-07


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