Next Stop: Your Magazine Dream Job

Let Us Do the Screening!

Excited to hire a new team member? But not so excited about churning through tons of applications? Even though Ed2010 is a niche posting site (you won’t get any dental hygienists applying for your content strategy role thank goodness), you will get still get quite a stack to sort. Let us do it for you! We can also offer additional targeted promotion to reach more job seekers where they are.


Let us screen your applicants! Talent Fairy will: 

• Have all the postings come to our inbox. (That’s right — no clogged inbox for you!)

• Sort through all resumes based on your key job requirements, experience, and skills.

• Provide you with a short list of five top candidates within 6 weeks of your initial post. (Need a rush? Just ask!)

• Provide all applicants in one neat and tidy file in case you want to dive deep.

Reach out to [email protected]m for a quick quote.


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