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What part of the day is the best time to apply for a job?

Dear Ed,
I’m a recent college graduate who can’t wait to get her feet wet in the industry, and I’ve been applying to jobs like crazy. But since I work another job during the day and can only apply late at night, I’m worried that I’m missing out. Does the “early bird get the worm,” so to speak, when it comes to job openings, or have I just not found the right fit yet?
Late Bird

Dear Late Bird,
Yes, sometimes it can be stressful to anticipate what Human Resources really wants from you — and at what time they want to see it. (And that’s why you have Ed!) But there are a few things to think about before clicking the ‘Submit Application’ button.
The first is to consider when the job was posted. Was it posted this morning, or several weeks ago? The sooner you can apply for a position, the better your odds will be of being selected for an interview. After all, would you rather be applicant No. 2, or applicant No. 200? The less executive the position, in general, the faster the job search will be, so let’s get crackin’.
Also, make sure to consider where the job was posted. Was it posted here on where there’s a direct contact provided? Or was it posted to a job site like or a publisher’s website, which, to be frank, can be a dark hole for resumes? If it’s the latter, Ed suggests looking through your network and trying to nail down a direct contact at the magazine and sending your resume and cover letter to him or her in addition to applying the formal way.

Ed will caveat one point — if you’re trying to get your resume and cover letter in front of a direct contact, the time you send can matter. He finds the best time to send is Tuesday morning through Friday morning. Try hitting ‘Send’ early in the morning or at night when the editor can walk in and see it first thing. Avoid Monday during the day, when editors are catching up from the weekend, and Friday afternoons when editors are either mentally checked out for the week or trying to wrap up loose ends.

Of course, this is all Ed’s opinion that he had garnered through rounds of applying and much experience! But most importantly, he advises you to never give up. Maybe it’s true that HR hasn’t exactly been banging down your door —- but it’s coming. And Ed will be there to help keep you going with new advice and new job postings. Here’s to your future success!


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