Next Stop: Your Magazine Dream Job

Allison Berry

Allison Berry

Allison is an assistant editor at Redbook magazine (where she coordinates their features internship program *cough cough*). Before Redbook, Allison got as much women’s interest editorial experience as possible via internships at Parents, Ladies’ Home Journal, and Cosmopolitan.

3 things to know about her: 1. She decided she wanted to be a magazine editor when she was 14 after she saw “13 Going on 30.” 2. Her biggest weakness is green tea and she could spend hours on end in Teavana. 3. Her first time on a plane was a 1-way ticket to NYC to intern at Parents.

3 things you really didn’t need to know: 1. She landed her first internship after stalking Ed’s founder, Chandra Turner, during a business dinner and is proud of it. 2. Feel free to randomly ask her the current countdown until Christmas… she always knows. 3. She dresses her dog up in silly outfits because she knows he secretly loves it.

E-mail Allison at [email protected]

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