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5 Minutes with Ed’s Trust Fund Winner: Lindy Segal

Ed’s latest Trust Fund winner is a major “Do” — and an intern at Glamour!

Ed gets the warm-and-fuzzies when he thinks of all the hard-working whippersnappers who do whatever it takes to make it in this industry, including taking unpaid internships. That’s why he hands out his Trust Fund to a deserving candidate once a semester. The latest winner is Lindy Segal, an intern at Glamour. The soon-to-be New York University alumna (she graduates in December) gave us the scoop on being a kick-ass intern and how you can be the next Trust Fund winner.

Where were your previous internships, and how did they prepare you for interning at Glamour?
Lindy Segal: My other magazine internships were at BRIDES in their wedding style department and at W in the beauty department. Since my internship at Glamour encompasses everything — fashion, beauty, dating, weddings, and health — my experiences at both of my previous internships were vital. I think it’s important to try out different departments to see where you feel most comfortable. That’s what interning is all about, right?

What’s your daily schedule like at your internship? What’s the coolest thing you’ve gotten to do so far?
LS:: My schedule usually consists of pulling stories from blogs that could be written about for, doing photo research, writing and researching original blogs, and re-purposing content from the magazine for the website. I love that I have the opportunity to write my own blog posts. Having a voice on such a well-known site is just the coolest thing ever.

What are your magazine must-reads?
LS: Glamour (naturally), W, Vogue, Lucky, Self, New York, Entertainment Weekly, In Style, Marie Claire, People StyleWatch…the list goes on. I like to joke that I single-handedly keep the magazine industry in business.

When did you decide to move to New York?
LS: I’m from Atlanta, and I have known I wanted to come to New York as long as I can remember. NYU seemed to be the perfect fit and even though the city took some getting used to, I have no regrets.

How did you hear about Ed?
LS: I heard about Ed through another intern when I was at BRIDES. Even though I have had the pleasure of meeting some of the Ed staffers, I refuse to believe Ed is anything but a cartoon bald man typing away at his computer.

What do you think made your Ed Trust Fund application stand out?
LS: I really wanted to show how passionate I am about the magazine industry. It wasn’t so much a list of reasons I should be picked as much as it was a love letter to magazines. I may have thrown in a few jokes here and there too…

Any advice for aspiring interns?
LS: My advice would be to just stay motivated. My freshman year I couldn’t even get interviews at magazines I applied to, so instead I did PR for a handbag and shoe designer. Then because of that experience I was able to make the transition. Also, once you get one magazine internship, the ball starts rolling and it will lead to more opportunities.

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