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The lovely things people are saying about Ed2010 and Talent Fairy

“Working with Chandra was exactly what I needed to energize my job search. She’s an expert coach with contagious enthusiasm whose work on my resume helped clarify my background and my goals, and whose edit on a cover letter I’m convinced got me an interview. Her interview coaching is also terrific—both the mock Q&A and her specific notes — and boosted my confidence. I can’t recommend Chandra enough.” —Roberta Bernstein, June 2019

“Absolutely loved working with Chandra. She was easy to talk to, has great insight into the industry, helped me redo my resume to accurately show my experience, and had great interview feedback. Highly recommend!” — A.K., July 2019

“Chandra is the “no-bs-talent fairy”. She has a knack for identifying your strengths and weaknesses within the first hour of meeting you and giving honest feedback. More importantly, she takes the time to listen to your concerns and needs and she won’t send you on a career path without offering helpful insight and resources. I believe she wants to see every one of her clients succeed.” — H.D., writer, May 2019

“Chandra Turner is an honorary godmother to a whole generation of magazine editors and content creators. When we first connected, I was a bright young “whippernsapper” who grew up on a tiny island but had big dreams to one day work at CosmoGIRL! Chandra saw potential in me and took a chance on a recommendation, which resulted in the summer internship of a lifetime. This is just one example of how Chandra’s deep care for women’s career development — paired with her uncanny knack for spotting and nurturing human potential — jumpstarted [my] career in content.” — Jessica Marati Radparvar, founder, Reconsidered, July 2019

“The hard fact is there is nothing more brutal than the New York media scene. Chandra helped me, and countless others, edit resumes and find dream jobs. She inspired and coached us when all we had was a dream. All of us wouldn’t be where we are if it wasn’t for her—and we’re forever grateful.” — AJ Black, Senior Content Strategist, June 2019

“Chandra knows everyone–everyone hiring, everyone hunting, everyone who might be someday. But more importantly, she knows everyone so well that she connects the right someones, setting up the perfect match for happy workers and happy managers. She also believes in young talent, and what they are capable of, which helps people on both sides satisfy their needs now AND in the future.” — Wendy Naugle, Executive Editor, People, May 2019

 No words can better describe Chandra than simply amazing. She was very attentive to what I liked writing about, and pointed my own interests out to me, when I couldn’t even recognize it. She provides the perfect blend of realistic, industry-specific and encouraging guidance. — R.R., June 2019

“I’ve known Chandra for 15 years now, and she’s never failed to astonish me. She’s one of the whip-smartest, most-resourceful people I know. With Chandra, it’s more of that thing where you wonder what she wouldn’t be good at. Is there a challenge her problem-solving nature and canny outlook couldn’t triage? I’ve witnessed her redesign magazines, refashion teams, pivot organizations, mentor young talent (a biggie!) and, all the while, remain the most pleasant person to be around. I don’t think she’s ever missed an email reply in her life. The 12 or so people out there who don’t know Chandra are truly missing out.”  — Tanner Stransky, creative at Apple, June 2019

“Chandra’s energy and expertise will inspire you! She can clearly identify your talents and help you focus on bringing those talents forward with specific, actionable steps, including who to talk to and what jobs to apply for. ” — Mindy Walker, Content Director, Cheree Berry Paper, May 2019

“I am truly not sure that I would have gotten where I am today (senior editor at Cosmo, baby!) without having met Chandra. I was her Ed2010 Trust Fund winner in college, and from that moment on, I felt like I had a permanent space under her wing. But that’s the crazy thing—everyone has a space under her wing. I barely have time to respond to Slacks, but Chandra was running a magazine while still reading resumes for thirsty college students, teaching classes on how to ace your edit tests, hooking college grads up with interviews and jobs, and truly acting like a fairy godmother of the publishing world. But she and Ed2010 are, as cliche as it sounds, dream-making powerhouses” — Chloe Metzger, Senior Editor, Cosmopolitan, June 2019

“I’m so glad Chandra started Ed2010, because it not only provided me with advice about my resume and how to approach interviews but it also led me to apply for the Editorial Intern position at Parenting. I applied and got the job! Since then, I’ve grown to be a well-rounded editor. What’s more, I was lucky enough to work with Chandra. Learning from her helped shape my editing skills and my career. Thanks, Chandra (and Ed2010).” — Megan Troise, Senior Editor, All Creatures, June 2019

“I truly would not be where I am today without Ed2010. I got my very first internship via Ed2010 back in 2009 at Fitness magazine, and it helped kickstart my editorial career. I learned so much from the Ed site, and I later became president of UNC’s Ed2010 chapter to be more involved. Since that fateful first internship, I’ve climbed the ladder to site director, and I have Ed (and Chandra behind the scenes!) to thank for all the help over the years.” — MaryAnn Barone, Site Director, Eat This, Not That, May 2019

“I don’t think I would have been able to accomplish all the things that I have in my career without Chandra Turner. As an avid follower of Ed2010 in my college days, the advice she and her team of editors shared with young hopefuls like myself through blog posts, intern events, and edit test classes was extremely valuable, and helped connect interns with other people their age looking to break into the industry. I met Chandra in person at her edit test class, which completely transformed my career. I learned so much in that class that I still use to this day, and Chandra was such a positive, inspiring, knowledgeable teacher who genuinely cared about each student…. Chandra has always been there to answer my questions via email, recommend me to a friend for a job or informational, and just see how I am. I still consider Chandra a mentor, one of the best I have ever had, and I am thankful to her for helping me get my foot in the door to build my career to what it is now. I could not have done it without her.”  — Brooke Schuldt, Social Media Editor, Real Simple, June 2019

“I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge how grateful I am for Ed2010. I got my first internship at Glamour six years ago through whisper jobs. Now, as a managing editor, I’m constantly hiring freelancers and interns. Without fail, every time I post a listing I get amazing candidates with out all of the nonsense ones. Thank you for making the hiring process so much easier and fun.” — A.L., April 2019

“Chandra is the ultimate mentor. She helped me get my first magazine job—and when I was offered another position a few years later, the company said that Chandra’s recommendation played a big part in their decision. She has connected me with dozens of people in the industry, is always full of practical career wisdom, and is just a delight to work with. I seriously don’t know where where my career would be without her!” — Chrisanne Grise, Senior Editor, The New York Times Upfront, May 2019

Chandra knows everyone! I was lucky enough to work under her for a few years as an associate editor before she became my mentor and go-to networking database. When I was looking to move from print to digital media, Chandra was instrumental in introducing me to other editors who made the same career move who could help guide me. She also tapped her resources to connect me to digital editors who were hiring. She was my motivator and industry reference throughout my application journey. An introduction and referal from Chandra is true gold in this industry. Her wisdom, insight, and advice is extremely valuable and I was lucky to have met her early in my career. — Melissa Bykofsky, Deputy Editor,, June 2019

“I have been a hardcore Whispersnapper since my early twenties (I am in my early thirties now). I landed my first internship at ELLE through Ed2010 and continued on to Vogue and remained in the fashion industry until I decided to transition into a non traditional marketing/operations role. I just wanted to FINALLY thank you for taking such an initiative towards helping young, ambitious and talented individuals WHEN NOBODY ELSE WOULD! Thank you for creating a platform that allows women to develop and establish themselves within fields that are extremely competitive and constantly changing.” — M.T.


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