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3 Reasons You Should Be Ed’s Next Summer Intern Blogger

It’s summertime, Edsters! That means hot subway cars, Central Park picnics, and flocks of magazine interns heading to the city for their internships. Woo!

If you’re one of the many college kiddos coming to get a taste of the editor life in New York City, let’s talk.

Ed is looking for a savvy, fun, ready-for-anything intern to blog about their experience during their internship. That’s right, Ed wants to make you famous.

Here, just a few more reasons why being Ed’s intern blogger is kind of the coolest thing you’ll do all summer.

  1. You’ll be super-famous. Okay, so the blog is anonymous. However, after your internship is over you get to share all of your kick-ass posts with your family and friends. They’ll be impressed with you and they’ll see all of the cool things you learned at your internship (you know, besides what you posted on Insta).
  1. You’ll be an inspiration to other whippersnappers. Bet you didn’t think Ed was going to get all philanthropic on you, but it’s happening. By sharing your tips, tricks, and experiences in intern world, you’ll help newbies who haven’t interned yet get a feel for the biz. One word: Karma.
  1. You’ll get to work closely with a real, live editor every week. Yeah, yeah, you’ll have managers at your summer internship, which will help you expand your network. But by blogging for Ed2010 as your side hustle, you’ll get one-on-one edits from an experienced web editor at a major women’s publication! We don’t want to brag, but she’s pretty cool. That’s one more LinkedIn connection, friends.

Think you’re up to the challenge? (Hell yeah you are!)

Check out Ed’s last intern blogger’s masterpieces to get familiar with the gig and Ed’s style (very important), then send a sample blog post about your first day at your internship!

Here are the deets:

Application: Please include where you’ll be interning this summer and submit your resume with the sample blog post (roughly 500-700 words).

Send to: ashleyo [at]

Deadline: Monday, June 13

Fine print: Bloggers and the publications they work for will be kept anonymous. Each blogger will be required to blog at least once a week starting June 20 until the end of his/her internship.

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