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WhoWeAre_ed2013Welcome all magazine whippersnappers! You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking to start, and move up, in the magazine media industry.

THE DIRT ON Ed2010: We are a community of young, eager magazine editors and magazine-editor wannabes who want to learn more about the industry so we can fulfill our dreams of being in top editing positions. Every month or so we meet at a bar for happy hour to meet each other and swap job info, gossip, and tips. Happy Hours are offered in cities across the country; check out our City Chapters page to see if there’s one in your town. The New York chapter also hosts panel discussions, classes, and events like Ed’s famous Speed Networking. Check out the homepage to see what’s going on this month. Still in school?  Ed on Campus groups help college students lay the groundwork for a great editorial career.

Ed2010 is also an online community. We keep you up-to-date on the latest industry news, gossip, and job openings. Check this site or follow us on Twitter @Ed2010News or on Facebook! We also report salaries so you will know how much money to negotiate for when landing a new gig. As of January 2014, we are starting fresh with all new salaries. Post yours now! (It’s anonymous.) While you’re here, check out our Ask Ed columns; Ed offers step-by-step guidance on subjects such as moving to NYC, getting a promotion, and the value of temping. Our mentoring program called 60-Minute-Mentors helps you to give each other advice about landing your first jobs, getting promoted, or even switching fields. And if you are planning to move to NYC come graduation this spring, Ed has a Buddy System for you — he’ll match you up with an editor who is one year ahead of you in the biz to chaperone you to events and help you with your job search. Some great friendships have been born through Ed Buddies!

HISTORY:  Chandra Turner moved to NYC in 1996 with a cliched story: She arrived on a one-way ticket from Indiana a week after college graduation with only two suitcases.  As an intern for ASME at American Baby magazine, she quickly realized that in order to make it in this biz you had to know people. The only people she knew were fellow interns and friends from IU who came along with her. Over the next couple of years, she and another magazine friend decided to pull together friends of friends to happy hours downtown Manhattan to share magazine gossip and news about jobs and internships. The idea was that if we all knew each other, then we were connected. By helping others, you gain what Ed calls good Career Karma. Eventually those happy hours turned into bigger happy hours, events, and a website (now twice since redesigned). The spirit of Ed continues to this day.

WHAT DOES ED2010 STAND FOR? Ah, Ed gets this question a lot. See, back in 1998 or so when the group of friends came together, the year 2010 felt ages away. We dreamed of being big, successful magazine editors by that date. Well, it’s come and gone. And most of the editors from the original group did go on to fulfill their career dreams, but we couldn’t abandon the mission. So Ed2010 lives on even if the name itself is outdated. (We’ve considered changing it to Ed20TK but it just doesn’t have much of a ring to it!)

So whatever your goals are in this crazy but exciting industry, we hope that Ed helps you meet them. Please connect with us on our social media and let us know how you’re doing. We always love a good success story!


Your EdStaff

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Ed2010 Masthead

Chandra Turner: Founder & President
Cheryl Brody Franklin: Vice President, Operations
Christie Griffin: Vice President, Web
Ariana Finlayson: Vice President, Social Media & Features
Jessica Strul: Vice President, Special Projects

Sarah Bruning: Whisper Jobs Manager
T.K. Brady and Chrisanne Grise: Whisper Jobs Associates

Ale Foresto: Managing Editor
Maryn Liles: Features Editor
Emily Johnson: Associate Features Editor
Colleen Travers: Associate Features Editor
Christine Mattheis Allyn: Web Editor
Lauren Piro: Web Editor
Ashley Oerman: Blog Editor
Sabrina Hall: Site Designer
Ilana Strauss: Staff Illustrator
Katerina Gkionis: Staff Photographer
Paul Turner: Advertising and Partnerships Manager

Jessica Derschowitz
Bianca Mendez
Kristin Granero
T.K. Brady
Christina Jedra
Amanda J. Black

Shelby Toompas (Facebook)
Christina Clemente (Instagram)
Lisa Deaver (LinkedIn)
AnaMaria Glavan (Twitter)
TK Editor (Snap Chat)

Melissa Ward Schorsch: Events Director
Allison Berry: Associate Events Director
Elizabeth Lilly: Book Club Co-Director
Carson Blackwelder: Book Club Co-Director

Karen Snyder Duke: Ed on Campus Director
Sarah Bruning: Deputy Ed on Campus Director (Resume Workshops)
Grace Gavilanes: Ed on Campus Associate (Admissions)
Rachel Swalin: Ed on Campus Associate (Admissions)
Diana Vilibert: Ed on Campus Associate (Trust Fund)

Kristen Green: 60-Minute Mentors Co-Director
Francesa Soroka: 60-Minute Mentors Co-Director
Lindsay Tigar: Buddy System Director
Jenn Sinrich: Deputy Buddy System Director

Yelena Shuster

Folks Ed Still Loves Even if They Are No Longer On His Staff
Lindsay Silberman
Alyssa Bailey
Gennifer Delman
Priscilla Rodriguez
Ashley Ross
Jessica Zaleski
Molly Gallagher
Brittany Galla
Alysha Reid
Michelle Profis
Chloe Metzger
Meg Lappe

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How Do You Say It? It’s Ed (as in the dude’s name) 2010 (as in twenty-ten). So please stop saying “Eee-dee two zero one zero.” It’s Ed’s biggest pet peeve. Alrighty then.