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What Ed’s Up to on Campus: Spotlight on University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

By Ed On Campus Chapter President Courtney Cho of University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

To help editors in training everywhere kick off their careers, Ed2010 has Ed on Campus chapters across the country. To help you get a feel for what’s going down with each chapter, Ed will be checking in posting updates here.

This is our first of many reports to come!

If you’re a college student and want to join your school’s Ed on Campus chapter (or start a new one), head to the Ed on Campus page for more info.

In honor of the University of North Carolina’s First Amendment Day—a campus-wide event created to celebrate the existence of the First Amendment as well as explore its role in the lives of Carolina students—our Ed On Campus chapter lined the hallways of the journalism school with posters of controversial magazine covers ranging from 1966 to 2016. Some of these included: Britney Spears’ scandalous Rolling Stone cover from 1999 and the Time cover of a mom breastfeeding her three-year-old son from 2012.

Hanging these posters is something we do every year to emphasize the importance of free speech. Over the last 50 years, magazines have arguably upset, outraged, and offended, yet they have always been supported by the First Amendment, which protects hate speech and insensitivity as well as praise and diplomacy.

We hang the covers to show examples of the controversies that come from that protection. And it’s always been a huge hit among students.

Besides spreading the first amendment love, we kicked our first meeting off with a magazines-101 for our Ed on Campus crew. The presentation went through where the industry is located, what all the different positions from editorial assistant, to web editors, and the production assistants do. We also threw in the salary expectations for those jobs (so good to know).

On top of all of that, we’ve finally created our own Instagram account, @unccafme.

We’re looking forward to giving our members another way to stay up to date with us.

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