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Ed’s Buddy System

Everyone needs a buddy!

Ed knows it isn’t always easy to figure out where to live, how to find the best happy hours that won’t break your unemployed budget, and how to get your foot in the door of the magazine industry. (Not to mention what to wear to an interview!)

To help steady you from stumbles, The Ed Buddy System is back for 2019! It’s a program where recent college graduates will be matched with a junior editor in New York. Your Buddy will aid you on the way to editorial and city-living success by being more than a mentor, but a friend, too.


Before applying, please make sure you meet the requirements:

-Must be a college or grad school graduate as of May 2019
-Must be out of school no longer than 12 months
-Must be living in, or have plans to move to, NYC by July 2019 (you want to actually meet your buddy, not just connect to them on Insta)
-Must not be a current or past EA

The application deadline for Whippersnappers is Friday, June 21. Apply to the buddy system here.


Want some great career karma? Apply to be a mentor for the Buddy System! We welcome any Editorial Assistant, Assistant Editor, or Associate Editor from any magazine or website. Plus, participating in the Buddy System has some awesome perks: If you sign up to be a mentor, we’ll put your name on the Ed2010 masthead, and give you 10% off an Ed2010 class! (Ed is planning a mock interview workshop, a branded content writing class, edit test class, and more.) Apply to be a buddy system mentor here.

Mark Your Calendar!

Ed2010’s “Meet Your Buddy” Party

Tuesday, July 9th

7-9 PM at Overlook NYC

225 East 44th St, NYC

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