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NYC, Here You Come! Ed2010’s Buddy System is Back for Aspiring New York Whippersnappers in Media

Everyone Needs a Buddy!

In a normal year it’s not easy to search for your first job in media or navigate moving to a big city like New York. But this year it’s all the more intimidating. Don’t worry: Ed and his friends have got your back.

The Ed Buddy System is a program where recent college graduates are matched with junior editors in NYC to help you with everything from job application secrets to tips on finding an apartment to what to wear to your Zoom interview. Past Buddies end up not just being mentors, but friends too.  This is where career-long friendships are made and #careerkarma blows up!

Whippersnappers (Mentees)

Before applying, please make sure you meet the requirements:

-Must be a Summer 2019, Fall 2019, or May 2020 graduate.

-Must be living in, or have plans to move to/work remotely for a New York City media company within 2020 (we know it’s not exactly easy to move to NYC right now!)

-Must not be currently working as a full-time entry-level editor / writer in media

-Must really, really want to work in the magazine-media / online journalism industry in a big fat way! ;-

Applications are now closed.


Junior Editors (Mentors)

Did someone help YOU get your start in publishing? It’s time to give back! We welcome any junior-level editor who works in editorial in NYC to apply.  You’ll not only earn major #careerkarma but you’ll also get 20% off any Ed2010 / Talent Fairy coaching service you sign up for this summer.

Applications are open till Friday, July 3.

What does The Buddy System look like in a pandemic?

You can’t get together IRL for coffee or cocktails, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a successful Buddy-ship! Other than our initial Zoom happy hour, here are a few ways that mentors and mentees can connect virtually:

• Following each other on social media and sharing/commenting/engaging in each other’s content in a positive way.

• Joining up with fellow mentor-mentee pairs for small-group, subject-specific Zoom happy hours (i.e., women’s mags meetup, fashion meet-up, beauty meet-up).

• Mentors can provide notes on resumes and cover letters via Google docs for mentees.

• Sharing job posts, news articles, and other relevant info to support each other’s career and ambitions.

• Mentors can offer a virtual “office tour” by sharing their screen and showing what their working on right now to get a behind-the-scenes peek into your job.

• and more! Get creative!

Questions? Email for more info.










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