Next Stop: Your Magazine Dream Job

Casey Gueren

Job Poster

Casey is the Associate Online Editor at Women’s Health. She still can’t believe that she gets paid to talk to interesting people and write about health, life, love, and sex. She broke into magazines as a serial intern (racking up time at Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health, Marie Claire and Psychology Today) while she attended Rutgers University. All those internships helped her to land her first job at Cosmo–first as an Editorial Assistant and later an Associate Editor. She recently made the leap to online and loves that she has yet to need office supplies. She met Ed during her sophomore year of college, and he’s been bookmarked ever since.

3 Things You Might Want To Know: 1. She has a degree in psychology and can navigate journal articles like pro. 2. She transferred from University of Miami to Rutgers after freshman year to be close enough to NYC to intern–a lot. 3. She’s lived in New Jersey, Maryland, Ohio, California, Georgia, Florida, and New York (and she’s not an Army brat, nor running from the law).

3 Things You Really Didn’t Need To Know: 1. She still goes to every Rutgers football game with her college roommates. 2. She likes to plan impromptu trips that include 6AM flights (it maximizes vacay-time!) 3. She has boxes of magazines shoved behind/under various furniture in her apartment.

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