Next Stop: Your Magazine Dream Job

Elizabeth Lilly

Book Club Co-Director

Elizabeth Lilly is an Online Content Producer for, for which she edits photos, writes and builds photo galleries. (She knows more than she could ever use about hostas and string trimmers.) She served as a Freelance Editorial Assistant at Studio One and has contributed to

3 things to know about her:
1. She earned her B.A. in Journalism and Mass Communication at UNC-Chapel Hill. (Go Heels!) 2. She lives in New York, but her heart belongs in North Carolina. 3. F. Scott Fitzgerald lived on her block and she dreams of exchanging love letters with him, a la The Lake House.

3 things you really didn’t need to know:
1. She’s allergic to horse hair and belongs to a family of horse owners. 2. She’s a sucker for a great long-lasting lip color. 3. Her favorite way to spend money is on concerts and music festivals.

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