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Emily Weaver









Emily Weaver is a freelance writer and POPSUGAR contributor. She recently graduated from the University of Iowa, where she studied Journalism & Mass Communications and Sport Studies. Her writing has been featured on Grandstand Central, Spoon University, VERVE Magazine, Iowa Journalist and more. 

Three Things You Should Know: 

  1. She is very passionate about analyzing, illustrating, and defending the representation of women in sports. In her last year of undergrad, she created a mock women’s sporting brand from the ground up and was hooked on marrying her love for sports with her love for website design, branding, and social media.
  2. Before she turns 30 years old, she wants to have her own book published.
  3. Road trips are her favorite modes of travel transportation. She traveled from Iowa to California twice every summer via her Jeep, Lola, during her undergrad.

Three Things You Didn’t Need to Know:  

  1.  Her Spoon University piece, “Here’s How You Actually Pronounce Açai” was featured on Food Network’s Snapchat story. 
  2. She has a country playlist that is 458 songs and counting!
  3. Peanut butter is her least favorite food in the world unless she’s eating chocolate peanut butter blossom cookies (we know, weird).

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