Next Stop: Your Magazine Dream Job

Karen Snyder Duke

Ed on Campus Director

Karen started a love affair with Ed when an editorial assistant (who was rejecting her internship application!) whispered the words “” through the phone. After two years of keeping their love a secret, she founded All Things Magazine: Ed on Campus at West Virginia University and quickly turned those connections into a string of internships at CosmoGIRL!,, and People.

Karen moved to New York permanently in 2009, working first as an editorial assistant at Parents, before being promoted to associate editor of its sister pub, American Baby. Today, she’s the health editor at Redbook.

3 Things You Should Know: 1. She nearly cried when she got her first magazine internship (tears of joy, of course!). 2. She’s from West Virginia and, against her better judgment, loves anything Southern-fried. 3. She has a somewhat unhealthy obsession with football and basketball. Favorite teams include WVU and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

3 Things You Really Didn’t Need to Know: 1. She has a thing for croutons and Ranch dressing. 2. Magazine jargon is slowly infiltrating her marriage. She speaks to her husband, Nathan, in sentences like: “Let’s go out Friday night. Restaurant TK.” 3. She’s allergic to nickel, so don’t buy her cheap jewelry (Did you hear that, Ed?).

E-mail Karen at [email protected].

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