Next Stop: Your Magazine Dream Job

Kristen Green

60-Minute Mentors Co-Director

Kristen is currently a freelance writer and editor. In a previous life, she was an editorial assistant and contributing writer at NBC Universal’s In addition, she has pounded the halls at Condé Nast,Bauer Publishing, and American Business Media. She was also a news intern with the Scripps Howard Foundation Wire Service.

3 things to know about her: 1. Her professors essentially voted her MVP of her college journalism program (and she has the plaque to prove it!). 2. She is from Northern Virginia and is still trying to figure out if that means she’s from from the North or the South. 3. She was so determined to be a writer in NYC that she moved there with $700 in her pocket and took the first job that came her way – as a professional dog walker.

3 things you really didn’t need to know: 1. Her favorite meal is brunch. 2. She named her black cat Wednesday after The Addams Family. 3. She’ll always think there’s nothing better than a pedicure paired with a good September issue.

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