Next Stop: Your Magazine Dream Job

Maryn Liles

Senior Features Editor

When Maryn first met Ed while she was studying at Indiana University, she was hooked. With internship postings galore, he offered just the helping hand she needed to break into the biz. After graduation, she moved to NYC and landed internships at Town & CountryMarie Claire, and SHAPE (all which she found through Ed, of course). Her hard work and networking finally paid off when she was offered a position as a temp EA at Parents, which soon turned into a full-time gig. She worked her way up the ranks there for four years holding the positions of Associate News Editor and Associate Lifestyle Editor. Now, Maryn is a Deputy Editor at Bauer Publishing, where she helps run Girls’ World and Animal Tales magazines.

3 Things You Should Know:
 1. Maryn grew up in Huntsville, Alabama (aka the home of space camp). 2. She graduated from Indiana University, where she learned editorial skills by working as a tutor at the school’s Writing Tutorial Services. 3. She enjoys envisioning ways to give stories “legs” beyond the printed page — from Facebook to Pinterest to tablet, and more.

3 Things You Really Didn’t Need to Know: 1. She can’t leave the house without making her bed. 2. She spends a good chunk of time dancing around her teensy Manhattan apartment to 80’s music. 3. She took a shoemaking class where she handmade her very own pair of high heels. (As you can image, these shoes only leave the house on special occasions.)

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