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Ed’s Faves on Twitter: 7 Editors to Follow

If you’re anything like Ed, you’re all about getting the latest and greatest scoop from magazine industry professionals. And what better way to do that than to follow them on Twitter? Ed’s rounded up a few of his personal favorites, and he’d love to know yours too!

Best “Day in the Life” Tweeter
Eva Chen, Editor-in-Chief of @LuckyMagazine

Ed loves getting a glimpse of office life at his favorite mags, and Eva is always posting about what’s going on in the Lucky offices. For everything from a look at the goodies on her desk to an enviable #OutfitOfTheDay, follow @evachen212 for a glimpse of the daily goings-on of an EIC.

Most LOL Worthy Office Tweets
Lindy Segal, Online Assistant Editor of @glamourmag

Just to throw out a couple of Ed’s recent chuckle-enducing reads: “@lindysegal OH at ‪@glamourmag HQ: ‘What’s the quality like on the big butt photo?’” and “@lindysegal I hope Taylor Swift knows about the panic attacks she gives the ‪@glamour_beauty team every time she cuts her hair.” Now that sounds like a fun place to work.

Best Taste of Beauty Editing
Leah Wyar, Beauty Director for @Cosmopolitan

The life of a beauty editor can be very glamorous indeed, and @LeahWyar’s Twitter feed gives an envy-worthy look into some day-to-day beauty editor tasks. Manicures, talk show visits, and backstage shots from fashion week are just a few of her recent posts.

Most Fashionable
Kyle Anderson, Accessories Director of @marieclaire

Not only is @kyleeditor tweeting pics from major fashion shows, but he’s also delivering a healthy dose of pop culture via Mean Girls quotes and Netflix suggestions.

Most Likely to Inspire Your Workout
Jenna Autuori, former Fitness Editor for @FitnessMagazine

For those of you looking to catch a glimpse of working at a health magazine, @FITNESSJenna is a great start with her perfect balance between tweeting about office life and workout inspo.

Best Pop Culture Tweets
Kaitlin Menza, Senior Features Editor and Online Deputy Editor at @TeenVogue

Pop-culture savvy without the fan girl vibe, @heykmenz keeps you in the know of celeb and entertainment life. Also, she’s hilarious. Proof: “@heykmenz No PR company has sent me cupcakes today for Valentine’s Day and it’s like, c’mon. I didn’t get into this business to write and edit all day.” Ed feels for you, Kaitlin. No one sent him cupcakes, either.

Most In-the-Know
Ed himself (Oh, come on! We had to!)

@Ed2010News prides himself in giving whippersnappers like you a leg up in the industry, and his Twitter account is updated daily with job and internship opportunities and industry news. Give him a follow and he’ll keep you up to speed!

Did we miss anyone? Nominate your favorite Twitterer in the comments below!

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  1. Kev February 20, 2014 at 5:09 pm #

    That Lindy is hilarious!