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The Ultimate Guide to the Media Industry’s POC Organizations and Communities 

What Can You Do to Support POC in Media? Start Here 

The media industry is facing a reckoning for how it treats People of Color, and Black talent in particular. 

White media folk: As you look to hire your next editor, writer, or other contributor or team member, consider tapping one of these groups. Some even have their own job boards making it super efficient. Even if you aren’t hiring, consider reaching out (or sharing with a stakeholder in your company to do so) to build a partnership, make a donation, or otherwise provide support. 

POC media folk: Consider taking advantage of the resources and support that these organizations and communities provide. Hopefully you learned about one or two you didn’t know existed! 

Of course, this is by no means an exhaustive list of every organization in media that supports POC. But it’s a start. If you have other organizations you’d like to add to this list — or more details on any of the below — email [email protected] and we’ll add it. 



:BLACKPRINT at Meredith Corporation

Formerly [email protected] (The Black Employee Resource Group @ Meredith Corp.), 

“:BLACKPRINT aims to connect, empower and celebrate the notable contributions of African-Americans in the world of media and entertainment – and for the culture.”

What they offer: panel discussions, movie screenings, community service events and volunteer opportunities. Most events are open to the public and geared toward those working in media.

Get Involved: Contact :BLACKPRINT at [email protected]

Asian American Association (A3) at Meredith Corporation

“Asian American Association (A3) supports Meredith’s inclusion initiatives and seeks to empower its members for success through leadership and professional development, community outreach and cultural awareness.”

HOLA at Meredith Corporation

“Hola assists in efforts to promote greater diversity in the workplace and to empower Hispanic employees with the guidance and resources necessary to achieve personal and professional excellence.”

Conexión (Latinx Network) at Conde Nast

“Conexión exists to connect Latinx employees throughout the company, to support the business by serving as a resource for diverse Latinx perspectives, and to inspire the next generation of Latinx talent in the global media industry.”

Conde Nast NOIR (Black Employee Network)

“NOIR advocates for the advancement of the Black/African American voice at Condé Nast. The group focuses on collaborating with various teams to increase African American content, discover new revenue streams, and build external community and partnerships. Through events, outreach, and mentorship, NOIR works to create an involved and highly visible black employee community.”

Hearst Black Culture

Co-founded by Sandy Pierre, Advertising & Marketing Associate and Arianna Davis, Digital Director of, HBC “ is a space created for people of color to feel safe and comfortable to be themselves.”

Hearst LatinX

Hearst LatinX is a new affinity group at Hearst Magazines. The community “is composed of editors, video producers, designers, photographers, strategists and more who come together to share their stories and build community.”

Hearst APPI

“Hearst AAPI, or HAAPI for short, is a new affinity group at Hearst Magazines aiming to create an employee community of Asian American and Pacific Islanders where ideas, connections, awareness, and culture can be celebrated through events, mixers, and community outreach. We welcome all members who identify as AAPI or are allies to our community.”

*Please email us at [email protected] if you have contact information to include about the above magazine ERGs. Thank you!


Writers of Color

“We aim to create more visibility for writers of color, ease their access to publications, and build a platform that is both easy for editors to use and accurately represents the writers.”

What they offer: The organization maintains a public writer database and a public Twitter list of their writers. (Fill out this form to get added to their database!)

Get Involved: Contact Writers of Color [email protected]

People of Color in Publishing 

People of Color in Publishing is a grassroots organization created by book publishing professionals dedicated to supporting, empowering, and uplifting racially and ethnically marginalized members throughout the industry, we seek to create a safe and inclusive space celebrating and promoting diversity. Through a planning committee and network of chaired subcommittees, we advocate and foster career development and advancement of people of color (including Native/Indigenous) professionals’ work.”

What they offer: Any person of color working within or interested in working within the book publishing industry is welcome to join mentorship and buddy systems, a job seekers Facebook group and attend Networking Noms, a series of small informational lunches, dinners, or drinks hosted by publishing professionals for those new to or looking to enter the industry  

Get Involved: Sign up for People of Color in Publishing’s monthly newsletter. 


National Association of Black Journalists

The National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) is an organization of journalists, students and media-related professionals that provides quality programs and services to and advocates on behalf of Black journalists worldwide.”

What they offer: The #NABJNAHJ Convention & Career Fair hosts hundreds of recruiters from top media companies and journalism schools every year. NABJ members can apply to the Student Education Enrichment and Development (SEED) Program. The public can access the NABJ Career Center to post and view jobs and apply for inclusion in the Producers and Editors databases.

Get Involved: Learn more about NABJ’s membership opportunities.

National Association of Hispanic Journalists

“The National Association of Hispanic Journalists (NAHJ) is dedicated to the recognition and professional advancement of Hispanics in the news industry. Established in April 1984, NAHJ created a national voice and unified vision for all Hispanic journalists.”

What they offer: NAHJ members have free access to the Google News Initiative Digital tools training and are able to attend annual trainings and conferences. Student members can access scholarships, internships and resources. The public can access the NAHJ Career Center to post and view job listings.

Get Involved: Learn more about NAHJ’s membership opportunities.

Asian American Journalists Association 

The Asian American Journalists Association mission is four-fold: • To provide a means of association and support among Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) journalists, and to advance AAPI journalists as news managers and media executives. • To provide encouragement, information, advice and scholarship assistance to AAPI students who aspire to professional journalism careers. • To provide to the AAPI community an awareness of news media and an understanding of how to gain fair access.• To research and point out when news media organizations stray from accuracy and fairness in the coverage of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders and AAPI issues.”

What they offer: A Mentor Match program for members, JCamp for all high school students, Voices fellowship for all college students, and public access to AAJA’s Career Center for job seekers and employers.

Get Involved: Learn more about AAJA’s membership opportunities.

South Asian Journalists Association 

SAJA, the South Asian Journalists Association, is one of the most dynamic journalism organizations in the U.S. and Canada. It serves as a network for education, inspiration and training South-Asian journalists in America and those covering South Asia and South Asian diaspora. SAJA aims to upgrade the coverage of South Asia and uplift the standards of journalism.”

What they offer: an internship fund and scholarship programs for all journalism students, reporting fellowships for members and non-members, a professional development fund to help any journalist attend training and conferences + a public job bank.

Get Involved: Learn more about SAJA’s membership opportunities.

Arab and Middle Eastern Journalists Association 

“The Arab and Middle Eastern Journalists Association (“AMEJA”) was founded as a U.S.-registered nonprofit for media professionals of Arab and Middle Eastern descent who work independently or for news organizations in the U.S. and abroad. Its goals are to create a forum that allows members to network and discuss professional issues, to publicize opportunities for career advancement among members, to promote accurate coverage of the Middle East and its peoples, to facilitate contact between journalists and sources based in the Middle East, to encourage Arab and Middle Eastern youth to pursue careers in journalism.”

What they offer: For members, the group offers film screenings, diversity mixers with peer organizations + access to assistance and advice from a worldwide network of journalists.  

Get Involved: Apply for a free membership.

Native American Journalists Association 

NAJA is committed to increasing the representation of Native journalists in mainstream media. NAJA encourages both mainstream and tribal media to attain the highest standards of professionalism, ethics and responsibility.”

What they offer: Job seekers and employers can access a public job board and connect with a unique network of more than 600 members across Indian Country. Members and non-members can participate in the annual National Native Media Conference. The Native American Journalism Fellowships and scholarships are open to all Indigenous, American Indian, Alaskan Native, Native Hawaiian, First Nations and Métis college students.

Get Involved: Learn more about their memberships for high school students, college students, professionals and Non-Native associates.


Organization of Black Designers

OBD is a national professional organization of interior, industrial, architectural, fashion and graphic designers dedicated to promoting the visibility, empowerment, education and interaction of its membership and the understanding and value that diverse design perspectives contribute to world culture and commerce.” 

What they offer: Employers can create an account and post listings on a job + internship board tailored specifically for designers. All are welcome to attend the annual DesigNation conference.

Get Involved: Follow the Organization of Black Designers Facebook group.

The Creative Collective NYC

“The Creative Collective NYC is a community and creative agency immersed in culture. We’re dedicated to facilitating brave spaces for multicultural creatives.” 

What they offer: Every year, The Creative Collective NYC puts on CULTURECON, a public conference curated by creatives, for creatives. The event features the Creative AF job fair, a small business market of local Black-owned businesses, and breakout sessions on topics such as creative collaboration, building a business and leveling up your career and side hustles.

Get Involved: Sign up for  The Creative Collective NYC newsletter mailing list here!


Every Stylish Girl 

“EveryStylishGirl, LLC is a media startup that provides Black and Brown women networking and job placement opportunities at media companies. We operate annual conferences, called Sip N’ Slay, for women of color to have the opportunity to connect with industry professionals, in order to take their careers to the next level. Since launching the Sip N’ Slay conferences in 2017, we have empowered over 1,500+ women on the necessary steps to gain professional opportunities in the media industry.”

What they offer: Sip N’ Slay networking events, a directory for hiring managers, and a career advancement program.

Sisters in Media

“Sisters In Media (SM) is an organization for minority women in the media profession. The purpose of Sisters In Media is to increase the presence of women of color in entertainment while making valuable contributions to the industry and society at large. The organization is committed to the belief that diverse women should be presented with more industry connections and offered more opportunities to develop a career in media.”

What they offer: Intimate networking sessions and engaging panel discussions with a variety of media professionals for members

Get Involved: Sign up to join the Sisters in Media newsletter mailing list here.

Minorities in Media 

“MIM is an organization that provides multicultural media professionals access to exclusive job opportunities and informative panel discussions.” 

What they offer: Admission to a group chat with an entire network of peers to share and receive career and life advice 24/7 and weekly digital events for members.

Get Involved: Learn more about their free memberships and paid memberships.

Black Women in Media

“Black Women In Media (BWIM), a subsidiary organization of BLACK STREET, INC., was created to provide a platform for women in media and entertainment. Black women are dominating fields in Communications, Journalism, Entertainment, Television, Radio, and yet there continues to be a lack of representation. BWIM provides a platform to recognize those who have paved the way, empower those who are dominating their fields, and inspire future media mavens.”

What they offer: An annual public conference and awards ceremony to highlight Women of Color who are innovators and groundbreakers within the media industry, mentorship opportunities and an upcoming series of digital talk shows.

Get Involved: Learn more about their paid memberships.

The Stylist’s Suite 

The Stylist’s Suite is a destination that celebrates diversity in the media.

“The Stylist’s Suite is a Media Strategy Agency: Connecting Entrepreneurs to the Most Influential Media Outlets in the world. We make the connections that allow you to garner media placements, original content and information, first.”

What they offer: A newsletter, writing opportunties, and media guides, such as The Big Fat Media Guide, a database of more than 300+ contacts in the magazine media world.

Get Involved: Learn more at 


Women of Color in Communications (ColorComm)

“ColorComm is an organization for women of color in all areas of communications including public relations, corporate communications, advertising, print media, broadcast, digital and more. The group’s mission is to build a strong network of leaders by creating mentors/mentees, business relationships and friendships.”

What they offer: Every year, the organization brings multicultural, professional women together for the public ColorComm Conference. ColorComm also hosts the public annual C2 NextGen conference in New York City, a day of panels and lectures addressing the specific issues facing young people of color—particularly women—in advertising, marketing, communications and tech. ColorComm also has a brother organization, Men of Color in Communications (MCC).

Get Involved: Learn more here.

Men of Color in Communications (ColorComm)

“Men of Color in Communications is committed to advancing the visibility and accomplishments of men of color in communications; connecting men with other like-minded individuals to build a strong network of leaders by creating mentors, business relationships and friendships; and sharing stories of men of color in leadership and provide the skills that help men of color advance in the industry.”

What They Offer: A business summit for men of color attendees, happy hours for members + public fireside chats with industry leaders. 

Get Involved: Follow @mocincomms on Instagram.

Code Black Communicator Network

Code Black Communicator Network is a resource for the advancement of black communications professionals, providing inspiration, guidance, mentorship and representation.”

What they offer: public access to panel discussion and mentorship opportunities, unless otherwise noted.

Get Involved: Listen to the Code Black Comm Network Podcast.

Brown Girls Doc Mafia

“Brown Girls Doc Mafia is an initiative advocating for over 3,300 women and non-binary people of color working in the documentary film industry around the world. We fight inequality by building community and sharing resources, nourishing our creative brilliance, demanding access and visibility in creative and professional environments, enriching our community with the knowledge to sustain ourselves financially, and by cutting through oppressive industry structures to advocate for our members.”

What they offer: BGDM’s membership consists of a diverse global network of filmmakers and industry stakeholders with all levels of professional experience. 

Get Involved: Follow the Brown Girls Doc Mafia Facebook group.

WOC Podcasters

“WOC Podcasters is an inclusive community helping women of color reach their podcasting goals through resource sharing, mentorship, and networking. Our mission is to amplify the voices of women of color podcasters.”

What they offer: Public access to a curated job board for job seekers and employers + a monthly podcasting tips newsletter

Get Involved: Learn more here and join the WOC Podcasters Facebook group.



Black in Fashion Council

To represent and secure the advancement of Black individuals in the fashion and beauty industry. We envision workforces where Black people are represented and amplified at every level, holding jobs in both C-suite and junior-level positions, and can work alongside allies to create diverse spaces that directly reflect what the world actually looks like at large. To be clear, we want to encourage people in the industry to rise to the occasion, not just be called out so that we can see sustained, long-term change.

Get Involved: Sign up for their newsletter.

If you have other organizations you’d like to add to this list, email us at [email protected] and we’ll add here. Thanks! 

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