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Food Editors Tell Ed The Weirdest Stuff They’ve Had to Eat

By Kristin Granero

When your life is a never-ending taste test, you’re bound to come across a lot of the same cuisines over and over again. But there are still some dishes that surprise you. From mushroom coffee to Chirps, read on as food writers and editors share some of the most interesting things they’ve eaten.

Mushroom Coffee

“I’ve tried beet lattes, bone broth, and avocado everything, but the most interesting thing I’ve eaten is probably ground mushroom coffee. (No, not those mushrooms.) While it boasted some health benefits, since mushrooms are considered a superfood, it tasted as gross (read: earthy) as it sounds.” Emily Laurence, Food Editor at Well + Good

Frog Legs

“I’m a pretty adventurous eater, but I’ve never had a desire to try frog legs. (I guess that’s what happens when you grow up with a pond in your front yard?). I was recently a guest judge at a food festival, and each competing chef had to use a “mystery ingredient.” Wouldn’t you know it: frog legs! I put on a brave face and was pleasantly surprised. Everyone says the same thing to describe exotic proteins… but they really do taste like chicken.” —Ariana Phillips, Senior Editor at Food Network Magazine

Maple Creemee 

“On a 30 mile bike ride that crossed Lake Champlain, I stopped at a small farm for a Maple Creemee, a soft-serve ice cream swirl that tasted unlike any other. I’ve had my share of soft serve, but this maple syrup-tinted treat had an inimitable texture: Its subtle graininess lingered on the tongue long after each lick. I consider it one of the most interesting thing’s I’ve ever eaten because I can’t stop thinking about it, and just writing these words has me salivating.” —Kate Bratskeir, Food Editor at Mic


“The most interesting thing I’ve ever eaten were chips made of cricket flour (also known as Chirps). I spotted these at a trade show of new foods to try in 2016, and I was highly skeptical but too intrigued not to try them. The chips tasted like crunchy corn chips, but with a grittier texture. They were really good. Any excuse to eat a protein-packed chip, right?” —Erin Cullum, Assistant Food Editor at PopSugar

Exotic Butter Spread

“As an intern at a food magazine in college, one of my responsibilities was to coordinate the monthly taste tests. Most of them were fun — best sparkling wine, best boxed cereal, etc. But then came time to test the best butter. In order for us to taste the pure flavor of the butters, we had to try them plain (no crackers or bread). I think I tasted more than 60 butters that day — ranging from best unsalted, best salted, best flavored, best whipped, and best splurge—all straight from the spoon. One of the ones that stuck with me was Cilantro and Lime spreadable butter, which was surprisingly bright and zesty.“ Grace Elkus, Associate Food Editor at Real Simple

Filipino-style Eggs Benedict

“I recently tried this Filipino-style Eggs Benedict dish from a Filipino restaurant in New York City, called Jeepney. It was basically a standard Eggs Benedict—but upgraded with extra-tender pork shoulder subbed for the bacon, all drenched in this amazing sweet and savory, coconut milk-based meat sauce. My tongue did a backflip when I first tasted it. I feel like Filipino food is blowing up this year, and I’m pretty sure it’s because of mouthgasm-ey foods like this.” —Michelle No, Food Writer at Buzzfeed

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