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Welcome to Ed’s First Newsletter!

To tell you the truth, this actually isn’t Ed’s first newsletter. He had one a long, long time ago. This was before Gmail. Before MailChimp. And certainly long before Lenny or Skimm. Ed was sending out an email to folks with his Whisper jobs, happy hour spots, and industry gossip and getting along just fine. But eventually the listserv — that’s the groovy name we used back then — got so big and hard to manage with AOL (yes, AOL) that it took hours to send it out. So when Twitter arrived Ed happily ditched AOL and got his own Twitter handle. (Incredibly, someone named Ed graduating in 2010 got to @ed2010 first!) And he has been happy there ever since. But then recently folks started asking Why doesn’t Ed have a newsletter too? And he couldn’t think of a good reason why not. So he’s back!

Wait! You’re saying you didn’t sign up for this? No worries! This one can be your last (Ed has no interest in spamming you). Do nothing and you’ll never have Ed in your inbox again. But if you do want to get this weekly letter about what’s going on in Ed’s world — hand-picked Whisper jobs, Ed’s upcoming happy hours, panels, and classes, as well as magazine-media career advice and smart folks writing about living the editor life, sign up now!

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