Next Stop: Your Magazine Dream Job

Yelena Shuster


Yelena (ye-ley-na) fell for Ed—and his beneficent mistress Chandra—while interning at CosmoGirl, RIP, a gazillion years ago. She has been part of the family ever since. Besides reporting for Ed’s homepage, she has written for the New York Times, Us Weekly, Cosmopolitan, Mashable and New York. She has interviewed everyone from Gloria Steinem to Matthew Broderick and currently writes for Victoria’s Secret while freelancing and editing admissions essays. For more, check out her portfolio or follow her on Twitter @YelenaShuster.

3 things you might want to know: 1. Yelena was born in Ukraine and immigrated to the states when she was five (bonus points for anyone who can pronounce her hometown: Khmelnitsky). 2. Her family settled in the windy outer sunset of San Francisco, where she grew up. 3. At 18, she gave up the west coast to attend Columbia University and has been in a clichéd love affair with New York ever since.

3 things you didn’t need to know: 1. She has kept every magazine she’s ever owned stashed away in her parents’ garage (they are not exactly thrilled). 2. She has a 16-year-old sister who impresses her every day. 3. Like most women in New York, she has replaced her SATC obsession with the absurdity that is Gossip Girl, R.I.P Empire.

E-mail Yelena at [email protected].

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