Next Stop: Your Magazine Dream Job

Rachel Swalin

Ed on Campus Associate (Admissions)

Rachel’s days as an Ed whippersnapper began her first year of college. She stumbled across the site as a freshman, waiting for the day she could apply for a dream magazine internship in New York City. Flash forward three years, and she finally got her shot as a features intern at Woman’s Day magazine–which Ed helped her find! After she finished studying magazine journalism at Ohio University, she made the leap from Pittsburgh back to the city in June 2013 and landed her first job as an editorial assistant at Parents/American Baby. Now she’s the social media director for CafeMom, where she helps drive social media strategy across the brand’s major platforms.

3 Things You Might Want to Know: 1. The first magazine she ever read was Seventeen. 2. She was chosen as one of 11 outstanding seniors of her graduating journalism class. 3. Her first ever published freelance article was on surprising snoring facts for

3 Things You Didn’t Really Need to Know: 1. She’s kind of obsessed with Britain and once visited London. 2. She’s so addicted to TV she can’t keep up with her 20 or so favorite shows. 3. She would eat chocolate cake for breakfast, lunch, and dinner if given the chance.


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