Next Stop: Your Magazine Dream Job

AnaMaria Glavan

AnaMaria is an editorial/web intern at Rolling Stone, a position she heard about through Ed2010. Before her internship at Rolling Stone, she was the editorial intern at Good Housekeeping(her very first magazine internship). She was the recipient of the Ed2010 Trust Fund for Fall 2014, and is currently a junior at Fordham University.

Three Things You Should Know
1. She was born and raised in Queens, New York and has no intention of ever moving out of the Big Apple, ever. 2. She attends Fordham University and is majoring in comm and media studies (with a journalism concentration, of course). 3. Her family is from Croatia, and she reminds people at every chance she gets that Game of Thrones was filmed there.

Three Things You Didn’t Need To Know
1. She’s obsessed with teacup pigs. 2. She’s read the Series of Unfortunate Events and the Harry Potter series more times than she can even begin to estimate. 3. She loves Halloween and uses her six-year-old sister as an excuse to decorate her room every single year (and yes, she also takes her trick-or-treating).

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