Next Stop: Your Magazine Dream Job

Jessica Zaleski

City Chapters, Associate Director

Jessica Zaleski is an assistant editor at Before landing at The Knot, she worked and freelanced for Crushable, YourTango and XOVain. She majored in journalism at the University of Florida (Go Gators!) and moved to New York City with her two cats four days after graduation.
3 Things to Know: 1. Ed helped her land her first internship at The Knot in 2011. 2. She started writing in elementary school when she wrote a fashion advice column on her friend’s old GeoCities website  3. She lives in Brooklyn with two cats.
3 Things You Really Didn’t Need to Know: 1. She’s obsessed with cats (she realizes this is the third time she’s mentioned cats in this bio) and always wants to adopt another one. 2. She’s always in Chinatown because she wants to try ALL of the dumplings. 3. When she’s not at work, there’s a 100% chance she’s at home watching really bad TV.

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