Next Stop: Your Magazine Dream Job

Chrisanne Grise

Senior Features Editor

When Chrisanne was in fifth grade, she started writing for her school’s monthly paper and quickly got hooked on journalism. Many years later, she graduated from Emerson College and started working at a non-profit in Boston while saving money to move to NYC. Finally, she took the plunge, hoping that her determination and passion for magazines would lead to her dream job. She wrote part-time for a few websites to make ends meet until she eventually landed an internship at Parents under Chandra Turner, Ed’s founder. That soon turned into a temp EA position, and then a full-time gig. These days, she’s an associate editor at Choices, Scholastic’s health and life skills magazine for teenagers.

3 Things You Should Know: 1. Her last name is pronounced “Griz-ay,” as if there’s an accent on the end (like Beyoncé!). 2. In addition to magazines, her other big passion is music. She spends most of her money on concert tickets and conducts freelance interviews with artists in her spare time. 3. She’s an avid reader and has a list of over 100 classic books that she wants to tackle someday. 

3 Things You Really Didn’t Need to Know: 1. Chrisanne is the proud “mom” of a corgi named Murray. (You can follow him on Instagram @furrymrmurray.) 2. She grew up in New Hampshire and will always “live free or die.” 3. In 2009, she traveled to the magical land of New Zealand and has been completely obsessed ever since.

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