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Shaye DiPasquale

Shaye is a freelance writer, social media manager and content creator. She recently graduated from Elizabethtown College, where she studied Mass Communications and Women & Gender Studies.  Her writing has appeared on Her Campus, HelloFlo, Her Culture, Substream Magazine, The Owl, NJMOM and more. She is also the founder of createHER Collective, a community for young changemakers and creators to collaborate on initiatives through creative exchange. Check out more of her work at!

Three Things You Should Know 

  1. She is an avid passport stamp collector. Since studying abroad in Italy during her junior year of college, she has visited 10 countries!
  2. One day, she wants to produce her own documentary based on her undergraduate thesis, Female Voices in Radio and the Public’s Perception of a Broadcasting Voice.
  3. She is passionate about advocacy work. She serves as a social media ambassador for the New Jersey Coalition Against Sexual Assault and volunteers with local domestic violence shelters.

Three Things You Didn’t Need To Know

  1. She won a trip from a local radio station to see the live taping of the 2015 So You Think You Can Dance season finale in Los Angeles!
  2. She would love to host her own talk show or podcast in the future.
  3. She’s obsessed with chickpeas! From hummus to chickpea burgers, if it’s made from chickpeas, she’s all about it!

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